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BJJ BROWN BELT   |   KIDS Competition Training Coach



Marco is a Brown belt under Michel “Buiu” Porfirio, he has been training and competing with the Team at Carlson Gracie Miami for more than 5 years. He is originally from Venezuela where he found his passion for Martial arts at a young age, he practiced and competed in Karate Do since a very early age. Marco’s son and daughter have also been training Jiu Jitsu at Carlson Gracie Miami for the past 5 years. His son is now an elite high school wrestler competing nationally. 

Marco has competed numerous times, obtaining gold medal 8 different times at the Ibjjf Miami international open in two different weight classes and 2 different age groups. His passion for Jiu Jitsu and his team is out of this world. Marco has coached many of his Children’s sport teams like baseball, volleyball and track. He loves teaching and knows that a good foundation in life is key to success.