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History of Carlson Gracie Miami


Carlson Gracie Miami Brazilian Jiu jitsu & MMA academy was founded and opened in June of 2008. It began with four students under the instruction of a world renowned, highly revered and respected doctor of the art, Fourth degree Professor Master Michel “Buiu” Porfirio Pereira; with two and a half decades of experience and knowledge in the most effective self defense system known to man. Under the direct lineage of the Carlson Gracie legacy, within one generation of the Gracie family legacy, the academy is a member of the Carlson Gracie Federation which stretches around the world from continent to continent.

Master Michel “Buiu” Porfirio Pereira is one out of five men certified under the American Brazilian Jiu jitsu Federation to teach under this prestigious lineage here in the United States. He is also a vital member of the IBJJF, the International Brazilian Jiu jitsu Federation. This is the federation that is responsible for the entire International world Championships of Brazilian Jiu jitsu and is owned by the Gracie family. It acts as the worldwide government of Brazilian Jiu jitsu regulating the art and distinguishing the real from the fake. Before Master Michel “Buiu” Porfirio Pereira came to Florida there were no IBJJF tournaments in this state. In 2009 Master Michel “Buiu” Porfirio Pereira was the instrument in bringing and organizing one of the biggest international tournaments in the entire world here to South Florida. A tournament where the best fighters from all over the entire world meet to compete against each other. Master Michel “Buiu” Porfirio Pereira was prestigiously awarded for his accomplishments by the Gracie Family in a ceremony of honor and recognition; he was given an award for “The expansion of Brazilian Jiu jitsu in South Florida”.


Within a short span of 4 1/2 years, this academy he started in 2008 quickly outgrew its location and is now if not the largest, one of largest academies in the South Eastern Region of the United States. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to many reasons:


He is only one out of four Professors in Miami certified by the IBJJF.


His program is a classic style martial arts system which incorporates positive philosophies, lifestyle altering teaching methods which transform lives and character. The lessons learned on the mats go far beyond fighting, into the realm of personal improvement, upholding the traditional “Bushido” also known as the code of the warrior. According to these teachings, there are seven characteristics of a warrior, none of which have anything to do with fighting or violence:

  • Bushido- the way of the warrior
  • Gi- Integrity
  • Rei- Respect
  • Yu- Moral Courage
  • Meyo- Honor
  • Jin- Compassion
  • Makoto- Honesty & Sincerity
  • Chu- Duty & Loyalty


There are many other reasons why Carlson Gracie Miami has become what it is now. But to summarize, a dojo is a reflection of its leader. And our leader leads us selflessly, in humility, always willing to give the shirt off of his back to help a student. With no ego, upholding the dignity of all, never will you hear him speak negatively of anyone no matter what the circumstance may be. Forgiveness, mercy, and love is the way he walks, always looking for someone to help, therefore this academy reflects these attributes. Jiu jitsu is a tool that we use to change, transform, improve, and unify people and families. This school is a family, and water can be thicker than blood.


“I would rather have one student that changed his lifestyle and heart through Jiu jitsu, then five hundred champion fighters”…… Master Michel “Buiu” Porfirio Pereira, 2009


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